Friday, September 20, 2013


Tantra (The Anu Files, #1)Tantra by Adi
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I have always been curious of how a vampire novel set in India will be.I read the book with high expectations and I am not disappointed.The narration is really amazing and it evolves throughout the book.The book begins with Anu an experienced Vampire Slayer who has moved from New York to Delhi in search of the Vampire who killed her boyfriend struggling to adjust to the changes especially the situation with vampires, Delhi is relatively peaceful in the vampire front and her usual methods doesn't seem to work ,when is try to adjust to everything she stumbles into a serial killing that lead her into Tantra which is Indian Black magic.What follows is how she stops the evil.The story is action packed and is very unique in the concepts it covers,It is filled with action but has quite a few funny scenes.The story is based on many concepts of Hindu mythology and yoga ,I felt the author has not explained some concepts and those who do not know them may miss some connections.
The story is quite entertaining and memorable.Though the book does not end with the standard Cliffhanger it does leave some threads open.I surely looking forward for the next book in the series.

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