Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fire Country (The Country Saga, #1)Fire Country by David Estes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fire country is a sister series of Dweller series It takes place above the earth's surface In the same world as the tri-realms.The world is almost inhabitable with the air becoming toxic.The life expectancy of people is around 30 years and the world's resources are very very limited.The people adopted the world with a tight society with very strict rules that intends to ensure the survival of the tribe.The world is very different from the tri-realms where the world is strictly controlled by an overlord ,the main character Siena is very different from Adele she is brave but is a normal person not liking how things are done and wanting change.
The world building is very great,the language used in book is highly detailed,the words are related to hot climate.I liked the story and the narration.Only negative I found with the book was the climax felt rushed.
The book is for anyone who like dystopian novel with attention to detail.

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