Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ice Country by David Estes

Ice Country (The Country Saga, #2)Ice Country by David Estes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ice country is told from point of view of Dazz, a 17 year old from Icy country.The Ice country is different than fire country in that it is a city ruled by king with established governing bodies. Dazz spends his time Gambling,Skying and frequently getting into fights due to his short temper.
The story begins with a bad break up followed by a bar fight which sets a chain of events that cause Dazz to find himself working for King Goff with no way out.When his sister is abducted and he learn of the secret agreement with the heaters he tries to find the truth behind the kidnapping.He meets a group of heaters in the way.
The the timeline of the story begin around the middle of events in Fire Country and continue afterwards. The world in Ice Country is highly detailed but is very different from Fire country.The contrast in language used in the novel to drive the narration. With Dazz being sarcastic there are plenty of funny quips throughout the novel.The story doesn't lose pace throughout the novel.Also thought "Ice Country" is the successor of Fire Country" it has a interdependent story with its own world.
One negative I found with the book was the romance looked out of place in parts of the novel but does n't slow down the story.
Any one who liked "Fire country" will definitely like "Ice Country".It is recommended for those who like dystopian story with detailed world building.

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