Monday, September 22, 2014

Mary Kom review

I really liked the movie very much but I will list the flaws first

Ridiculous product placement that are too obvious.The makers don't event try to hide that they have placed advertisements in the movie. Too many clichés from all sports films.We can find all the usual dramatizations of sports like a villainous opponent,hero(ine) falling and raising just before the bell to win the match etc.
may be just two but these are really spoilers for the movie
The good thing about the movie. Priyanka Chopra's Acting . The character of Mary Kom. Beautiful picturization of Mizoram. Mary Kom is a very powerful character and Priyanka Chopra does justice for the character.Her portrayal of mother torn between sons and career is amazing.
Whatch the movie I you like priyanka,Mary Kom Boxing,cool visuals etc.

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