Friday, November 28, 2014

creating a Fuzzy Inference system using Jfuzzylogic

I followed these steps to create a fuzzy inference system
first download jfuzzylogic jar file from  Jfuzzylogic
create a fcl file to give input to the FIS a sample file can be used from here
The file was created based on an example in the textbook PRINCIPLES OF SOFT COMPUTING by Sivanandham

put the fcl and jar file in same folder.
 Eclipse plugin install instructions 
        - Open Eclipse         - Menu Help -> Install new software         - Click on Add        - Name: jFuzzyLogicUpdateSite         - Location:        - Click OK and follow the instructions.

to run the FIS enter command java -jar jFuzzyLogic.jar -e test1.fcl 8.5 9 in the command prompt i,n folder containing the jFuzzylogic jar file test1.fcl is the input fcl and 8.5 and 9 are the input values.

screenshots of input

Screen shot of output