Monday, February 9, 2015

Daughter of time Trilogy review

Daughter of Time Trilogy (Daughter of Time #1-3)Daughter of Time Trilogy by Erec Stebbins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Daughter of time scales up science fiction to such extent it looks like fantasy. The story is surreal and is in a way realistic because it is different than any other science fiction I have read.
"Reader" follows the story of Ambra Dawn a human girl who is harvested for the special powers. The under goes torment from her human and alien captors and with the help of allies human and alien is forged into the ultimate weapon.
"Writer" follows Ambra through the eyes of Nitin an Indian soldier and Ambra's lover many years after the events of Reader. Together along with a crew they travel across space to understand a new enemy and ultimately Ambra makes a choice to create a weapon to destroy the enemies.
"Maker" follows Waythrel the Xix who was Ambra's advisor for years across space and time with Klone, the girl who makes brief appearance in "Writer" from creation to destruction of universe clashing with gods of the universe in repeated loops to save the universe.
The books are very vivid the bizarre nature of the alien make the world interesting.The alien life seem to be created on premise the human perception is limited when it comes to what is possible in the universe.

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