Sunday, December 17, 2017

Movie Review Star wars: the last Jedi

I liked the movie star wars the last Jedi very much. To my surprise I found absolutely scathing reviews and lot of critic bashing in IMDB.
I think it is because these reviewers must be dedicated fans of series while I am not. While I loved the original series, I don't have any sentiment regarding what couldn't be changed. I see it as a sub franchise under star wars banner, they are going to add something to make it stand out.
I think one thing that could have been the difference between the viewer and critics could be that I appeals to the people who have seen too  many blockbuster films. The film is quite unpredictable they don't hesitate to throw away the plot lines they have built over a long arc,they are clever in hiding the plot devices from reveling too much early on, there are some moments when you actually don't know which direction the story is going to go next, which has become rare in blockbuster films these days.
It is not a perfect film it does deviate from the franchise's lore,uses deus ex machina to solve plots but most of the time it is just amusing.

Whatever it's faults are it is definitely fun to watch.

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